Pricing and Packaging

The minimum order for making a batch of customised candy is 4kg. Each batch size can only be one design and there is a limitation as to the number of letters we can fit on the candy (please refer to the table below). The information you see on this page is just a guide, and we are able to accommodate larger batch sizes if your order requires. We can also mix and match packaging according to your specific requirements.

Questions? Do drop us an email at!

Our pricing is as follows:

4kg HK$2500 (Up to 8 letters)
6kg HK$3200 (Up to 10 letters)
8kg HK$4200 (Up to 12 letters)
10kg HK$5000 (Up to 14 letters)

Our packaging is as follows:

30g Polkadot Bag S$0.50
70g Bag S$0.50
150g Bag S$0.50
160g Bubble Jar S$2.00
30g Hexagonal Jar S$1.00
40g Hexagonal Jar S$1.20
Only applicable for 30g and 40g Jars 4 colours, gold, pink polka hearts, red polka hearts, black
70g Hexagonal Jar S$1.50
240g Round Jar S$2.00
30g Mason Jar S$1.00

Prices stated excludes GST.